About us

History of our company reaches the late 1940s when voivodeship chemical industry supply centers were brought to life, one of them having been created in Białystok. In the end of 80s, as a result of structural changes in Poland, separate legal identity i.e company with employee participation – Przedsiębiorstwo Handlu Chemikaliami CHEMIA sp. z o.o. was created in Białystok. During many years of functioning on the ever-changing building market we gained priceless experience which helps us in overcoming the daily challenges in our company.

Today we are the leading distributor in building paints, finishing materials and construction chemicals industry. We cooperate with a chain of markets, construction warehouses and institutional receivers in northeast Poland. We offer high-quality products from well-known manufacturers at competitive prices. We provide logistics, transport, storage and customer services at the highest level. Most of the orders are processed during 24h from receiving the order.

We encourage you to cooperate with PHCH CHEMIA sp. z o.o.